About NEGSTor: Your NEGST stop for research

Imagine if you could read and search through all the interesting papers written by graduate students at East Africa’s foremost Evangelical Graduate School, to inform your own study. Imagine if all your hard work for your post-graduate research and essay-writing could be preserved online rather than forgotten. Imagine if we could start to develop some peer-review and intelligent criticism for post-graduate research to help us all improve our scholarship and see where more work needs to be done…

Well, that may be some way off, but for now, NEGSTor is our space to see how we can collect the fruit of the hard work at NEGST. Then others can easily search it out and use that work in their own research. It’s just like a Blog, so anyone can come along and post comments: light-weight peer-review. It also should help safeguard against any temptations to plagiarise since lecturers at NEGST and elsewhere can check against all this published material.

Anyone can read articles. But to make comments or submit articles/papers, click Register to sign up (very quickly) for an account, then Log in and you’ll be able to add and comment on articles. You can also submit articles just by emailing them.

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