How to post your paper here: Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a comprehensive guide to posting papers on NEGSTor. You might want to print this or keep it open in another window for reference as you begin to use NEGSTor. It’s quite easy really. You probably only need to refer to this once.


First, if you haven’t registered on the site yet, you need to do that.

  1. Click Register (on the right-side bar) to register for an account.1: Click Register
  2. Enter what you would like your username to be, and your email address and click Register
    2: Enter your details 
  3. Then check your email for a secure automatic password which will be sent to you, and click on the link to log in. (You might want to copy the password so you can easily paste it into the next screen.)
    3: Check your mail for the registration link
  4. Enter your username and the password you were sent on the login screen and click Log In:
    4: Complete registration by entering username and password 
  5. Finally you should see the Dashboard display with links to change your profile and write posts.
    5: You\'ll see the dashboard where you can write 
  6. You will want to change your password to be something more memorable, so click Profile to change it.
    4e: Save your profile  
  7. Add extra information if you want, then go to the bottom of the Profile screen and enter the new password into the relevant sections there.
    4c: New password and click Save changes
  8. Finally click Update Profile when complete and your password will be saved.

Write a New Post

  1. Unless you are already logged in, click Log In on the right-hand side bar (if it says Log Out then you are already logged in), enter your username and password.
  2. From the Dashboard screen, click on the Write New Post button:
    5: You\'ll see the dashboard where you can write
  3. Enter a title for your post. This should include the course code and the year, and a brief title of your paper.
      6: Click \'Write\' to write a new post
  4. Then upload a PDF (or Word Document) version of your paper:
    1. Click on the Add Media button:
       8: Or click \'add media\' to add your PDF version
    2. Then click choose a file to upload:
      9: Choose a file to upload
    3. The file will be uploaded and then you can add title information to it and click Insert into Post to place a link at the top of your post:
      10: The file uploads11: Enter uploaded file details
      12: Click \ 
  5. Once the document link is added, then copy and paste in the entire contents of you document into the large ‘Post’ box below the Title:
  6. To make it easier to read, click after the first paragraph or so, and then click on the Insert More Tag button in the toolbar (near the end on the right showing a dotted line between two pages). This marks a break point in your article so that only the abstract or introduction is seen first unless someone wants to see the whole article.
  7. Optionally, enter some descriptive tags for your paper.
  8. Then click on the relevant Categories for your paper (describing the subject area). This will help people find your paper.
    7: Choose categories and save
  9. Finally, click Publish or Submit for Review to save the post and submit it for publication on the website.