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How to post your paper here: Step-by-Step Guide

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Here’s a comprehensive guide to posting papers on NEGSTor. You might want to print this or keep it open in another window for reference as you begin to use NEGSTor. It’s quite easy really. You probably only need to refer to this once.


First, if you haven’t registered on the site yet, you need to do that.

  1. Click Register (on the right-side bar) to register for an account.1: Click Register (more…)

Welcome to NEGSTor

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Here’s where we want to try out various ways of collecting together the fruit of the hard work at NEGST so that others can easily search it out and use your work in their own research. It also should help safeguard against any temptations to plagiarise since lecturers at NEGST and elsewhere can check against all this published material.

Sign up for an account by clicking Register over on the right. Then you should be able to log in and Write articles and comment on others. You don’t need an account just to read articles. The best way to submit entries is going to be to copy and past the whole contents of the paper into the article text and attach a Word document or (better) PDF to the article like this:



For full details about how to register and submit your work read the full instructions.