Brief guide to registering and submitting papers

Here’s the steps to getting registered and using NEGSTor to submit your own papers:

(Click here for a more comprehensive, illustrated guide on how to file your papers here.)

  1. First click Register on the site
    1. Then enter a username and your email address.
    2. You’ll be sent an email with a long and very secure (and impossible to remember) password. Copy this so you can paste it later.
    3. Return to the NEGSTor site and enter your username (not email) and then paste in the very long automatic password you were sent, then click to Log in.
    4. That’s you registered. 
  2. Now you want to reset your password to something easier for you to remember by clicking on the profile link on the top right.
    1. Go to the bottom of your profile page and enter a new password in the relevant boxes twice (to make sure you really type it correctly).
    2. Then click save changes to your profile.
  3. Then you can click Write to submit a post.
    1. Enter a distinctive title, including the code of the course this paper was written for, the paper title (in brief) and possibly the course title.
    2. Then paste in the entire paper from your Word document.
    3. To make it easier to read, choose a part one or two paragraphs into your document and put a MORE tag in, so it splits it up. (Click on the toolbar for this).
    4. Then go back to the top of your submission and insert a PDF (or Doc) version of your paper for easy reference:
      1. Beside where it says Add media click on the star shape.
      2. Then a window should open up inside the page where you can upload a file from your computer.
      3. Choose the relevant file
      4. When it’s finished uploading you will have a chance to add title and description information to the file.
      5. Click Insert into Post and you will see a blue underlined link appear in your post.
      6. See here to find out more about attaching files in case you have trouble.
    5. Finally click Publish to submit your post.
  4. Writing comments is probably substantially easier.

The best way to submit entries is going to be to copy and past the abstract and contents of the paper into the post and attach a Word document or (better) PDF to the article using the button Add media like this, at the top of any submission:

PDF Version: 08ts501c-sample-document1

It will be helpful if any marked papers contain at least some of the most helpful comments of the marker too, so that we can all learn from each others’ short-comings, and thus improve our scholarship.

For full details about how to register and submit your work read the full instructions.

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